Time for a party!

Hey, I am all about a party—as long as I can hide in a corner and push my wife into the thick of it while happily sipping on a cranberry-vodka. That being said, the question has been asked…

Where is the launch party?

It’s a good question. Do I host it at a bookstore? A bar? A coffee shop? I like the bar idea, just in case anyone was wondering. I have people to talk to other people. If I have to do it, I’m going in buzzed.

The next question is of course, when? I suppose February 28th would be a good date, book release and all, but, as a new kid on the block, I think I’d rather slip into my cave and allow those who are reviewing the novel some time to finish.

See, the thing about being a new author, is you’re clueless on how to be a proper author. If you Google, How do I promote my book, You’ll find about as many ways to do it (none are appealing to an introvert, just so you know.) as there are ways to do it. So, dear friend(s), I’m open to suggestions. I’ve got a week to decide, then all the time in the world to implement. Ask my manager, Kenny Davis of Finn Fiction, he’s going to opt for a slam-down, carry me home in a box type of party. My wife’s family will jump on the booze-boat.

Me? I just want to sell a book.

1 thought on “Time for a party!

  1. Tiffany Finn says:

    I think a good day to do it would be the weekend of the launch date, but since it comes out officially on a Monday we should do it march 2. I wish I knew the process I am new at this.

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