I am lost in the worlds within my mind, and oh what a scary place it is.

Twenty or so years ago, long before our move to O’Fallon, Missouri, I drove my wife to her grandparents home in Leesburg, Florida. I’m not sure why, she’s the one with the eye (and memory) for detail. I’m more of a partial situational recall type of guy. I couldn’t tell you what she wore, what we ate. Was it summer? Winter? Night or day? I have no flipping idea… I do recall gazing at her when I probably should have been watching the road. Don’t tell anyone… I won’t either.

“What?” she asked.

“How do I know you are who you say you are?”

She didn’t know the answer. Probably still doesn’t. It’s these quirky, odd, sometimes dark questions that morph into the stories I love so much, be it writing or reading.

That’s how my mind works and it’s so much fun. All forms of art are expressions of the deep recesses within the mind. I encourage you to visit as many as you can. Be it your own or another, canvas to pen…

You’ll never be disappointed.