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The Stitches on the Stone: Lauradelle’s Redemption

Benji Watson, Janis Mayfair, and Edward Menzies—three people living very different lives—stumble upon a river stone that interconnects their lives through a web of horrors woven by the essence of their town.

What began as a Halloween party of the ages devolved into a race to discover the meaning behind Lauradelle’s surreal pitting of Janis Mayfair’s unnatural obsession with teenage Benji’s balefire—a mystical fire she sees burning within him each time she closes her eyes.

Benji, cautiously observing the brute chauvinistic rage forcing Edward into fits of uncontrolled barbarism, tries desperately to evade both Janis and Edward while retaining what’s left of his sanity.

The city of Lauradelle responds. Days turn to night in a blink of an eye. Craters split the pristine streets, swallowing entire blocks as the living town plucks the threads binding these three together.

Can Benji, Janis, or Edward unravel the mysteries plaguing the town of Lauradelle? And what does any of it have to do with the river stone?


Journey to the Key Worlds – Dorothy and the Glass Key

Fourteen-year-old Dorothy Alston had to grow up fast when her father’s alcohol-induced carelessness resulted in a house fire that claimed her mother’s life. She finds a new life on her uncle’s farm in Florida…but not for long.

Now, thirty-four years later, Dorothy’s in a permanent vegetative state and it’s up to Ellen Steward – the hard-working, slightly jaded administrator at an upscale rehab facility – to unravel the mystery that landed Dorothy in this condition.

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With some unexpected help, Ellen unwinds Dorothy’s fantastical narrative. It begins with a strange glass key that leads Dorothy to worlds that exist between time and space. She awakens a dark creature who feeds on the pain of the young.

Ellen discovers that even she is wrapped up in Dorothy’s strange saga. If she wants to save her, Ellen will have to give up everything. But if she fails, much more is at stake than anyone could have imagined.

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Dorothy and the Glass Key

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