Mr. Frabbit’s Easter Buddy Birthday Bonanza

Mr. Frabbit

My son’s birthday is today, April 12th. Easter Sunday.

We are obeying the “stay at home” orders issued by the state, and we are also practicing social distancing and doing our part to keep the kids safe and healthy. So, with that in mind, we decided to send our boy on a quest, and his birthday presents were the quest rewards. Good times!

The family took part by video-calling, moving our birthday boy from one quest to the next. They had fun, I had fun, my two daughters (Isabelle the Sprite, and Alicia the Goober-Pirate / Dinosaur) had fun, and even the neighbor’s bulldog had fun.

Our 12-year-old was the camera person for the first 1/2, and we lost two full scenes due to technical difficulties. My phone died at the halfway point (I do not know how to reduce video recording size on my phone), so my wife picked up the reigns. You’ll see the transition.

Click the link and enjoy — Fair warning — I told Aunt Missy to play a slow sloth. On a video of a video-call. Sorry.

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