Algorithms of Frustration




plural noun: algorithms

  1. a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.
  2. “a basic algorithm for division”

That’s what I’m fighting. Skynet for books. I’ll tell you, my brain isn’t wired that way. Maybe if my algorithmic overlord was, say, Pennywise or the Eye of Sauron, then sure, I could find a way through Derry. I could walk into Mordor. I could hold the Sword of 1000 Truths high (I know, I’m reaching with the South Park reference) and face my foe! Drop that ring into Mt. Doom, or laugh at the ridiculous demise of a space clown.

It’s not, and I find myself slamming my head against the keyword walls surrounding an ad campaign asking me to place bids on ad placement. 

So, here I am, frantically researching methods of breaking free from the school of feeder fish that is book marketing. I’m not too fond of this swamp.

God, I remember the time when I said, “I can write a book!” I figured that was it. 400+ pages and done! Boy was that a kick in the nads.

PS: Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m going to drown myself in 0000001110101010111110101010101010s. Wish me luck!

PPS: I am looking for ARC (advanced reader copies) willing to review The Stitches on the Stone. Honest reviewers only.

I done-did a blog.

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